Method Statement

Whether in the role of Door Supervisor, Marshal or Security Guard, each licensed and trained person in a position of employment with TMS Protection will operate within the full legislation of the law.

TMS Protection Limited has set procedures for our staff while operating in the public domain, and every member of personnel must agree to abide by these rules as is reasonably practicable. During the fast-moving, ever developing and potentially high-risk environment of maintaining Health & Safety standards and public order within our industry, TMS Protection will ensure our staff adhere to our guidelines.

On commencement of a contract for services, a senior management representative of TMS Protection will carry out a full security risk analysis of site/venue.

This covers issues such as: –

  • Capacity
  • Emergency exits
  • Potential risks
  • Hidden areas
  • Inspection of Accident Book to identify problems that could be eliminated
  • Records of past incidents and outcomes
  • Site Health & Safety policy

While TMS Protection needs to assess issues as stated above, we will be put into place within full compliance to the venue/sites own separate risk assessment so as the two-run transparently. This will ensure the end product being an enhanced, complete assessment of risk to the public, staff and valuables on the premises.

TMS Protection will not knowingly, with all searches that are reasonably practicable, engage the services of any persons that they believe to have conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner, having misrepresented any of their qualifications or professional achievements, or if we feel they are linked in any way to any organised crime or terrorist movement.

Through our open door policy, direct contact to the most senior members of TMS Protection is available to clients for confidential discussions regarding any incidents involving security staff that might occur, ensuring dissatisfaction of TMS’s security product does not occur.